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We are the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, also referred to as Sacred Heart Sisters (SHS). We are a mission of local Catholic religious women founded in 1954 in Juba, South Sudan (then Sudan) by Comboni Missionary Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi. We are a missionary institute of different nations called to respond to the needs of the poor, the neglected, and those who have not heard the good news of salvation

Our Charism

Our charism is Love and Compassion drawn from the pierced Heart of Jesus Christ by emulating His zeal, love and humility in evangelization through teaching; hence the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus take the Spirituality of the Heart of Jesus as their model of life. We are called to “Live Love in Truth” by serving God and neighbor, particularly the poor, marginalized and vulnerable children.

We the Sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus draw our identity and Charism from the spirituality and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the Heart of Jesus we contemplate the mystery of his COMMUNION WITH THE FATHER, the perfect obedience to his will, and the total dedication to his Kingdom. Thus from the Heart of Jesus we draw inspiration to develop a personal communion with the Father, to surrender in obedience our entire life to Him, by carrying out his will every day, by persevering in difficulties and by patience in hardships. The Heart of Jesus reveals also Christ’s inner most attitude of love to his people, his meekness and humility, his patience and mercy. The wound in the same Heart is the manifestation and charity that pushed the Lord TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF ON THE CROSS FOR THE SALVATION OF MANKIND. The Heart of Jesus, therefore, becomes the model of our total dedication and the zeal for the salvation of our people through a daily and hidden service, in an attitude of inner patience, love and humility. The open Heart of Jesus is also the FOUNTAIN OF UNITY and “the center of all hearts” because from his wounded side flowed that living water of the spirit, who gave birth to the Church. Thus from the open Heart of Jesus we draw grace and inspiration towards sisterly love, hence in our service to the people we bring love and compassion from the heart of Christ.


Transformed communities that are God fearing, co-existing peacefully and empowered.


To witness the love of Christ through serving and empowering the vulnerable to restore their dignity and to promote a sustainable environment.


Live, Love in Truth.

Our Work

We are involved in education, health, social work, pastoral in parishes and livelihood programs. It is involved in development projects in South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and USA. Most of these projects are service providing entities such as pastoral activities in parishes, schools, orphanages, socio economic empowerment women and youth, agriculture, and health centers.


Interested in joining our insitute?

Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus enrolls aspirants every year. Please submit your application using the submit application here button and we will get back to you.