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Our Formation

Initial Formation

Our Institute considers the formation of its members as the main and most necessary of all its activities. Formation is the heart of the Institute, and all members are to share in this responsibility. It is an education in the ways of Religious life in the Charism of the Institute and in discovering the unique image of God in oneself so that the one called can be set on the passage of learning to become perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect, the proper renewal of the religious institute depends chiefly on the Formation of its members. Our formation is 5 years and includes, Aspirancy which is one year, Postulancy two years and Novitiate which is also two years. 

Aspirancy, is that period of transition from lay life to that of religious life and how the candidate can freely co-exist with others in the community. The Postulancy is to help the individual to choose freely the Consecrated life as her personal ideal. The specific objective is the ascertaining of the vocation, by both the candidate and the Institute. While the Novitiate is a two-year formation period which involves an intense period of prayer, reflection and association which permits the novices to work out their conscientious and free response to the essential demands of religious life. It is the time of integral initiation to the form of life chosen by the Son of God and proposed by the charism of the Institute. This implies a series of further initiations: to a deep and vivid awareness of Christ and his Father, to personal, biblical and liturgical prayer, to paschal mystery of Christ, to detachment, especially in the practice of the vows, to evangelical fraternal life, to spirituality and to the mission proper to the institute (with the possibility of periods of apostolic works). It is from here that the sisters are prepared for the service of the people and the Church.

Juniorate (post-novitiate)

The time between the first and the last profession is meant for the young consecrated person to make their own charism in its entirety and to extend their new identity to all the areas of responsibility. This period progressively prepares the professed person to live a typical apostolic spirituality, by uniting contemplation, to apostolic work, several courses, lessons, seminars and workshops. Other spiritual exercises continue at this stage, to help the professed to become  more rooted in Christ.

Ongoing Formation

Formation has its central position throughout the life of a religious and so it takes the form of permanent formation in the finally professed religious until the person’s death. For a religious who has consecrated her life to God in Christ, the goal of her life becomes Christ expressed in the uniqueness of the charism of the institute. She is progressively integrated in and around this nucleus. Ongoing formation includes the genral program, renewal ccourses in spirituality, retreats and recollections as well as sabbatical years. 

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