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Our Governance

The General Council is the congregation’s top decision-making body elected at a General Chapter meeting held every 6 years and is renewable once. It is led by a Superior General. who is assisted by four elected General Council members.  The SHS General Council is based in Juba, South Sudan which is the head office of the organisation.

Left-right: Rev. Sr. Rebecca Alioru (Councilor), Rev. Sr. Regina Achan (Councilor), Rev. Sr. Dr. Alice Jurugo Drajea (Superior General), Rev. Sr. Jane Ngamita (Councilor) and Rev. Sr. Rita Nyamijwok (Vicaress General)

The Provincial Council is the second decision making level. At SHS there are two Provincial Councils (Juba, South Sudan and Moyo, Uganda). Each province has a Provincial Council elected at a provincial chapter meeting which is held every three years (tenure is renewable once). Each Provincial Council is led by a Provincial Superior who is assisted by four Provincial Councilors. Together they are responsible for the oversight role of provincial communities. They are also directly responsible for the congregations (over-150) members and answer to the General Council.

The General Council and Provincial Councils form the SHS leadership team.

The third decision making level is the Steering Committee which served as the board for the Development Programmes Office. It is mandated to guide the affairs of the organization’s Development Office which centrally coordinates projects in the region. The SC offers an oversight role in project implementation and evaluation. They approve policies and are responsible for project staff appointments.

Organizational Structure